Roundhill’s Mazza On The Investment Opportunity In Video Games

Dave Mazza, Chief Strategy Officer, Roundhill Investments, Steven Hummel, Market Research Manager, Consumer Research Technology (CTA) and Sara Mehle, ESG Index Strategist, Index Research & Development, Nasdaq Investment Intelligence discuss the opportunity in video games and long-term entertainment trends. 

WEBCAST: Let’s NERD Out: The Opportunity in Video Games.

Video gaming is the largest entertainment sector in the world and is anticipated to continue to grow over the coming decades. With the advent of social aspects to gaming and its intersection with the emerging metaverse, gaming is becoming broader than entertainment alone. Investors interested in seeking the potential to differentiate their portfolios may look to video game software stocks as a means to harness this long-term trend. Considering the evolving dynamics of the space, investors may want to consider looking at index-based ETFs to do so.

In this webinar, Dave Mazza, Chief Strategy Officer at Roundhill Investments, discusses the opportunities in video game software and why investors may want to consider video games as a long-term theme. Sara Mehle, ESG Index Strategist, Index Research & Development, Nasdaq Investment Intelligence, will discuss some of the latest research topics on the Nasdaq-100. Steven Hummel, Manager, Market Research, Consumer Technology Association, will discuss CTA’s own gaming research studies as well as the current and future innovations that will shape the video games industry.


  • Why Roundhill expects video games to continue seeing growth for decades ahead
  • How the macroeconomic environment plays into opportunities in video gaming software
  • How investors can use thematic ETFs to gain exposure to megatrends
  • Why mobile is the largest segment and the fastest growing
  • Why Asia remains the most important region for gaming

Accepted for 1 CFP® / IWI / CFA CE Credit

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