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The Future of Longevity Investing

AIR Asset Management is an SEC-registered hedge fund management firm with approximately $700 million in AUM in life settlements, annuities, and private credit investments. The firm has specialized in longevity-linked investing since 2014 and has offered qualified investors the opportunity to access attractive risk-adjusted returns that are largely uncorrelated to traditional asset classes.

Life Settlement Investing

A sought-after alternative for today’s investor


The Case for Life Settlement Investments

A Meaningful Investment: Life Settlements

AIR Asset Management’s Investment Philosophy

The Advantages of a Multi-Strategy Approach in the Longevity-Based Arena

Panel Video: An Investor’s Perspective: Allocating to Life Settlements

Life Settlement Investing Explained

Curious what investing in life settlements is all about? AIR Asset Management has got you covered. Check out our new infographic to learn more about how this once obscure and hard-to-access asset class is now a popular way for RIAs and institutional investors to achieve attractive non-correlated returns.

Life Settlement Investing Explained



AIR U.S. Life Fund II QP, LP Fact Sheet

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