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  • Behind The Markets Podcast: Tom Haines & Adam Politzer May 18, 2018
    In this edition of Behind the Markets hosts Jeremy Siegel and Jeremy Schwartz talk insurance asset management with their guests. They cover everything from fixed index annuities and 60/40 portfolios to the retirement crisis. Check it out! Guests: Tom Haines - Senior Vice President, Capital Markets & Index Solutions, at Annexus Follow Annexus on Twitter […]
  • Behind The Markets Podcast w/ Wes Gray: Sumeet Nagar, Akshay Mansukhani, Christopher Swann May 11, 2018
    This is a special episode of Behind the Markets with Wharton alumni for SiriusXM's Reunion Radio. Hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Wes Gray talk to the founders of Malabar Investments and Cygnus Capital about their entrepreneurial journeys. They cover everything from investing to starting a financial investment company in India. Tune in! Guest Info: Sumeet Nagar […]
  • Behind The Markets Podcast: Andrew Baron & Jonathan Heckscher May 4, 2018
    In this episode of the Behind the Markets Podcast, host Jeremy Schwartz talks fixed income and investment strategy with his guests. They also delve into factors impacting global markets and geopolitics. Tune in and check it out! Guests: Andrew Baron - Chief Investment Officer at Butterfield Asset Management http://www.butterfieldgroup.com/Pages/default.aspx Jonathan Heckscher - Director of Fixed […]
  • Behind The Markets Podcast: Peter Tchir & Brent Johnson April 27, 2018
    In this episode of the Behind the Markets Podcast host Jeremy Schwartz dives into a bunch of topics from Bonds and GDP to Geopolitical Developments. He talks with Peter Tchir about market dynamics and the future of currency. Then he brings on CEO of Santiago Capital, Brent Johnson, to discuss investing in gold and portfolios. […]
  • Behind the Markets Podcast w/ Wes Gray: Ken Baker, Jim Steiker, & Doug Pugliese April 12, 2018
    In this episode of Behind the Markets hosts Wes Gray & Doug Pugliese take us through the marvelous world of employee stock ownership plans. They cover the benefits of having employees feel a deep connection to their work because they own part of it! Plus Professor Jeremy Siegel talks market outlook. All that and more, […]



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