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About Spirits Capital

Spirits Capital is a fintech company that merges technology with the alternative asset class of premium American whiskey and other spirits. Founded with a focus on American whiskey, Spirits has built a platform that provides investors with a secure and transparent way to capitalize on the growth in value of the spirit while it matures in the barrel. In addition, Spirits has created the Distilled Barrels Financial Exchange (“DBFEX”), a cutting-edge digital platform for the global trading of aged whiskey barrels. DBFEX uses a proprietary artificial intelligence (“AI”) driven pricing tool, known as the Barrel Value Optimizer, to analyze an extensive array of market data and barrel-specific information to suggest optimal price ranges for aged whiskey barrels.

Earn Clients 12.5% a Year with Cask Investment Deeds

Regulation A+ Investment Opportunity


A Message from the CEO of Spirits Capital

Creating Investment Opportunities through Innovation in the Whiskey Industry

Investing in America’s Spirit

New World Technology for an Old World Asset Class


The Proof is in the Barrel: The Benefits of American Whiskey Investing in 2024

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