Lincoln’s Seifert On Key RIA Growth Trends

Tim Seifert, Senior Vice President, Head of Retirement Solutions Distribution, Lincoln Financial Group joins Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss key RIA trends, why financial professionals are integrating insurance products into their practice, and Lincoln’s differentiated direct-to-RIA platform. 

“The biggest trend we are seeing right now in the RIA community, is growth,” says Seifert. Even against a volatile market backdrop, the most successful RIAs have found a way to attract new clients and increase retention rates. Seifert attributes this sustained organic growth to strong communication, client education, and willingness to take action. A critical component of “taking action” means adding enhanced protection to the portfolio or plan, explains Seifert, pointing to studies indicating higher client satisfaction rates and increased referrals. 

Lincoln Financial, a leading provider of annuities and retirement solutions, was one of the first to develop a suite of products with the RIA in mind. Designed to help financial professionals integrate and access annuities at scale, Lincoln’s direct-to-RIA platform features a robust portfolio of no-load annuities strategies, a fully streamlined digital experience, and connectivity via seamless account creation, CRM connection, and integrations with portfolio management platforms. 

Lincoln offers a range of commission-free annuities RIAs, including a solution that positions your clients’ portfolios for growth without exposing them to unwanted risk. Use Lincoln’s interactive tool to see how the Lincoln Level Advantage® Advisory indexed variable annuity can work for your clients today.

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Tim Seifert serves as a Senior Vice President and Head of Retirement Solutions Distribution for Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. (LFD), the wholesaling distribution organization for Lincoln Financial Group. In this role, Tim leads distribution for the Annuities and Small Market Retirement Plan Services businesses, as well as the training and professional development efforts across all of LFD.

Seifert has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Earlier in his career, he spent 23 years at PLANCO Financial Services Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hartford, where he grew sales from $10-$35 billion. After PLANCO, he held senior sales leadership roles at RS Investments and Prudential. At Prudential, he grew annuity sales from $10-$22 billion in three years.

Tim joined Lincoln in 2014 to lead Small Market sales for the Retirement Plan Services business. Known for creating an optimistic culture and championing sales excellence, Tim assembled an exceptional sales team and excelled with a focus on wholesaler productivity during his tenure with RPS setting year-over-year sales records.

In 2017, Tim was named Head of Annuity Sales, where he focused on fostering consultative partnerships between wholesalers and financial professionals as they worked with clients to solidify their financial futures and build portfolios based on their specific needs.