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  • The Urge to Merge: Possible Implications from the AT&T-Time Warner Ruling June 22, 2018
    A recent US court ruling green-lighting the merger between AT&T and Time Warner marked an historic event that some say could open the door to more merger-and-acquisition (M&A) activity ahead. Sara Araghi, CFA, vice president, research analyst, Franklin Equity Group, and Marc Kremer, CFA, research analyst, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group, discuss some of the […]
  • Social Security: It’s Healthier Than You Might Think! June 19, 2018
    Each year, Social Security’s Trustees report to Congress on the financial status of the program. This typically generates a number of anxiety-provoking media headlines about if/when it will run out of money. Gail Buckner, CFP, our personal retirement and financial planning strategist, takes a look at the facts. She says Social Security is actually in pretty […]
    Gail Buckner, CFP
  • Global Economic Perspective: June June 18, 2018
    Perspective from Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group In this Issue: US Economy’s Fundamentals Remain Strong, but Potential Geopolitical Risks are Increasing The fundamental picture for the US economy appears healthy and may improve further over the rest of the year, in our view, as the potential stimulus from tax cuts seems likely to offset any […]
    Christopher J. Molumphy, CFA
  • ECB Meeting: Fresh Clarity, But Let’s Not Get Ahead of Ourselves June 14, 2018
    The European Central Bank’s June meeting has offered some long-hoped-for clarity on the future direction of monetary policy in the eurozone. However, it hasn’t provided all the answers, and much remains open to interpretation. David Zahn, Franklin Templeton’s head of European Fixed Income, considers what might happen next and explains why he’s still not expecting […]
    David Zahn, CFA, FRM


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