Envestnet Partners With Goalsetter To Deliver Financial Education For The Next Generation

Dani Fava, Group Head, Product Innovation, Envestnet, joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel, to discuss Envestnet’s recent partnership with financial education app Goalsetter, and how embedded finance technology can empower advisors to connect with the next generation of investors.

Envestnet has partnered with the financial education application, Goalsetter.  Advisors can use the app to reach the next generation of investors, perhaps the children of their current clients, with their branding and financial education.

Financial advice is now being provided through sources as diverse as Paypal or TikTok.  These platforms, especially used by younger populations, may be providing financial education at a time and place where users were not seeking out this information.  As such, this financial education may be reaching consumers and potential investors who are highly unlikely to access financial education in more traditional channels. 

These platforms work on the concept of proximity, where users of a platform may access the educational content simply because it is easy to access at a time and place where the user already is.  A user may choose to start their financial education just because it is convenient to do so, and not because they were intentionally choosing to start a journey of financial education. 

Fava explains that small nudges and experiences can be highly effective in starting an educational process and potentially changing consumer behavior. 


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