Blue Horizon Capital’s Fusco On Accessing The New Energy Economy

Tony Fusco, President of Blue Horizon Capital joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel to discuss strategies for accessing the new energy economy.

While some funds offer very specific exposures to new energy, such as solar or lithium, Blue Horizon believes that investors can benefit from investing in the new energy theme, broadly. Fusco explains that a well-rounded new energy economy portfolio should be globally diversified across energy generation, energy distribution, performance materials, energy storage, and e-mobility. 

Blue Horizon thinks about the energy transition in a different way, defining the opportunity broadly and with a view that the energy industry may continue to consume oil and gas for the next 30 to 40 years.   Investors may wish to build a barbell exposure, investing in new energy alongside an allocation to the old energy economy.  The weight on old vs new energy in an investor’s portfolio can reflect their conviction in the theme, where new energy is a growth allocation and old energy is an investment in larger and more mature companies.

The Blue Horizon team includes both financial professionals as well as others who have spent their career in the energy industry.

For more information, register and watch Blue Horizon Capital’s webcast: A 2023 Update on the Dynamic New Energy Economy.

Blue Horizon’s team of industry experts will describe the investment case for the New Energy Economy and updates in 2023. A major energy transition is underway, today is an attractive entry point to gain exposure to this generational thematic growth opportunity.

Topics Include:

  • What’s new in the New Energy Economy in 2023
  • Key pillars of the Energy Transition
  • Overview of the 5 key segments of Blue Horizon’s definition of the New Energy Economy