VRGL’s Hopkins On Improving The Client Acquisition Process

Shane Hopkins, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Development for VRGL, joined Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Channel, to discuss how advisors can win more clients, faster with VRGL.

VRGL is an open architecture client acquisition and proposal tool built for advisors to streamline the prospect-to-client journey.  The proposal system has three steps: intake, educate, and generate. During the intake phase, the advisor extracts transactions from the prospect’s brokerage statements, where the VRGL system can analyze holdings, taxes, fees, performance, risk, and diversification.  In the education phase, the advisor reviews the system’s recommendations to understand the prospect’s situation better.  In the generate phase, VRGL’s Proposal Builder tool produces a white-label proposal to share with the prospect. 

VRGL’s process can reduce advisors’ time to onboard new clients by up to 50% while increasing the percentage of prospects becoming clients. 


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