Investing in ETFs Using Game Theory – Cucchiaro’s New Play

Building ETF Portfolios Using Game Theory

Stephen Cucchiaro, President and Chief Investment Officer, 3EDGE Asset Management sits down with Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Channel to discuss his new firm.

Cucchiaro has an impressive track record of success in the ETF world. After building Windhaven, the largest ETF strategist firm in the world (over $4 billion in assets at the time), he sold it to Charles Schwab in 2011. Windhaven has nearly $20 billion in assets now.

Cucchiaro and his team are at it again. His new firm, 3EDGE Asset Management is celebrating their first year anniversary and have already gathered $500 million in assets. The firm applies multi-player game theory strategies to identify macro investment themes and executes them in model portfolios using ETFs. Cucchiaro equates markets with battlefields, and has developed algorithms to test assumptions, scenarios and player behaviors. Players may be countries, currencies, sectors or even just specific ETFs. His team provides investment research on these macro themes here on their site.

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