YourStake On Values-Aligned Investing

YourStake Co-Founders Gabe Rissman, President and Patrick Reed, CEO, discuss growing interest in values-aligned investing.

While most investors want to align their investments with their values, few actually do. Taking the steps to align investments with personal values has the potential to grow assets, strengthen existing relationships, and cultivate new ones. In this emerging values-aligned investment landscape, advisors without the capability to cater to their clients’ personal values are getting left behind.

YourStake provides advisors with the tools they need to understand and serve the values of their clients.

YourStake is a platform dedicated to providing tools financial advisors need to help understand their clients’ needs and grow their social and environmental impact. YourStake provides implementable ESG analysis and reporting tools to financial advisors. Their platform allows financial advisors to personalize their reporting to client values and improve personalized impact of their portfolios.

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Topics include:

  • Understand the differences between Values Investing, ESG Investing, Impact Investing, and more
  • Why Greenwashing is dangerous and steps to avoid it
  • What tools can help you analyze and report on your portfolio’s values-alignment
  • How to discover a client’s values-based preferences, build values-aligned portfolios, and demonstrate their impact
  • Examine the future of ESG investing with growing regulations coming from the SEC

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