Vivaldi’s Ilya Zlotnik On Client Demand For Alternatives

Ilya Zlotnik, Partner, Wealth Adviser, Vivaldi Capital Management met with Julie Cooling, CEO, RIA Channel about their asset management, research and wealth businesses.

Vivaldi Capital, a hybrid firm, started with research in the alternative space but eventually took a more a comprehensive, holistic approach to wealth management based on client needs. Unlike many firms that began with traditional asset classes, Vivaldi served a niche exposure to alternatives such as private equity, real estate investments, and hedge funds, but found that clients also wanted exposure to equities, fixed income, and help with their estate planning and tax strategy, explained Ilya.

“Proper diversification is more important now than it has been in the last 7 or 8 years” said Ilya on demand for alternatives. utilizing alternatives in today’s rich market.  Wealth Management- “you did well, can you add to market exposure, but as an advisor it’s my job to say the markets are rich I don’t know when things will turn.” Liquid alternative investments provide a great replacement to equity exposure,  and when you pull back bonds.

traditional interest rate sensitive bonds don’t pay much.

Advisors come to vivaldia

The most opportunity in private equity

look for assets and alternatives to find alpha.

Specialty manager in the alternative space.