USCF On Metals Demand Drivers and Trends

USCF Investments’ Chief Investment Officer, Kevin Baum and National Sales Director, Ryan Katz join Ashish Sethia, Global Head of Commodities, Energy & Environmental Markets at BloombergNEF to discuss the energy transition’s long-term impact on metals, supply and demand trends and growth opportunities.  

WEBCAST: Solving the Metals Cube.

Since the first metal was discovered over 10,000 years ago, they have been an integral part of humanity’s progress – from the Bronze Age to the economic miracle of China. The age of net zero is no different; energy transition will require five times more metals in 2050 than it does today. This demand growth comes with a three dimension challenge – will there be enough supply available? Can the metals be mined at low cost? What environmental footprint will this leave?

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