Underhill Talks Global Opportunities for Real Assets

Michael Underhill, Portfolio Manager, met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the launch of North Square Investments. The firm, recently spinning off from Oak Ridge Investments, aims to deliver innovative content, strategy and solutions to the advisor audience.

As a portfolio manager for the firm’s Infrastructure Natural Resources Fund, Underhill focuses on global real assets in the infrastructure and natural resource space.  The fund, leveraging an all-cap strategy, with a top-down approach, zeroes in on a region or sector before selecting any equity investment.  “Emerging markets look exceptionally compelling,” says Underhill in reference to the fund’s overweight rating in Brazil.  From a sector point of view, he sees trends in energy and agriculture.

For advisors, Underhill recommends a 10-15% allocation to real assets. As a long term investment, real assets offer volatility reduction, inflation protection, and uncorrelated alternative income.