Trust & Will Delivers Integrated Estate Planning Solution For Advisors

Andres Mazabel, Head of Advisor Solutions, Trust & Will, joined Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Channel, to discuss how advisors can leverage integrated estate planning to engage the next generation of clients and investors. 

A Fidelty study noted that 57% of advisors’ assets will be inherited by 2045, while only 13% of advisors are engaging the next generation. Mazabel explains that millennials are now creating more estate plans than people over age 55. While traditional trusts that are custom designed by an attorney may cost roughly $2,000 to $5,000, many investors are looking for the peace of mind that can be provided by an affordable and straightforward trust.

Trust & Will delivers an all-in-one integrated estate planning platform for both consumers and advisors.  The firm’s user friendly platform allows advisors to outsource their client’s basic estate planning needs, while offering them access to documents as they are built, progress updates, estate planning education and an opportunity to support and engage the next generation of investors.


Trust & Will – For Advisors 

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