Trucendent On Growing Your Practice With Integrated Estate Planning

John Yackel, CEO and Co-Founder, Trucendent and Jay Hummel, CEO, AiK2; Partner, WAGN Wealth Advisor Growth Network discuss strategies for differentiating your practice with a holistic Estate Planning approach.

Trucendent’s tech-powered solution aims to help advisors integrate estate and trust planning at scale, while maintaining their role as a client expert. Trucendent’s integrated and cohesive platform allows advisors access to customizable plans, education, and a network of attorneys and trust companies, in order to deliver a complete plan for the transfer of wealth across generations and help achieve client goals. 

Advisors who incorporate trust & estate planning into their practice have the potential to form deeper relationships, add differentiated value, and help their clients achieve multi-generational wealth. 

For more insights on this topic, register & watch Trucendent’s webcast: 5 Ways Trust and Estate Planning Can Grow Your Practice.

October is National Estate Planning Awareness month. We are amongst the greatest generational wealth transfer in history, and now is the time to start preparing.

In today’s very competitive market environment, advisors are in a unique position to differentiate themselves by adapting technology as an effective way to streamline their business and increase client engagement. This is especially true when it comes to trust and estate planning with the next generation of advisors.

Learn how to avoid some of these common mistakes in estate planning while also monetizing trust and estate planning into your practice.

Join us for a discussion that will address how to:

  • Integrate a holistic Estate Planning approach
  • Identify the most appropriate trustee for fiduciary oversight of a client’s trust
  • Remain at the center of the client engagement by coordinating and collaborating with the key fiduciaries: accountant, estate attorney and trust administrator/trustee
  • Engage with the next generation through digital engagement, social events, family planning and hosting family summit meetings
  • Have a structured delivery for portfolio management that aligns with the trust mandate

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