Transamerica’s Newman Shares His Story Of Survival

“I don’t think anybody buys the products that financial planners sell, they buy the planner,” said Matthew Newman, Senior VP Wholesaler at Transamerica.  For the majority of his career, Newman has preached that a planner’s most important role is being in a position to offer good news, even in the worst of times. “I had no idea that this story, would become my story,” reflected Newman.

Coming from a family of financial planners, Newman wanted nothing more than to follow in his father’s footsteps after graduating college. However, that dream was tested when his father did not allow him to join his firm.  This valuable lesson, Newman believed, pushed him to learn his own way, and eventually land as a successful annuities wholesaler for the last 21 years.

In winter of 2013, Newman’s life took an unexpected turn.  After hitting a patch of ice, and totaling his car, he seemingly walked away without a scratch. However, in the months following the accident,  Newman suffered severe headaches, and what he later realized were seizures. A trip to the hospital confirmed his worst fears, he was diagnosed with brain cancer at just 39 years old.  “I started to become retrospective of my life … and after a five minute pity party, I decided I was going to watch my kids grow up.” recalled Newman.

Just days after the diagnosis, Newman swiftly reviewed his will, life insurance and annuities, and “it was all done.” He expressed that knowing his family was taken care of, gave him the will to fight, and allowed him to solely focus on getting better. The peace of mind, Newman experienced, truly sums up the role of the financial planner.

Today, Newman says he is forever impacted by this pivotal moment. He not only has a restored appreciation for “the now,” but strongly believes that everything has happened for a reason.

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