Transamerica Aims to Put Together A Winning Package For Advisors & Customers

Going back over 100 years, Transamerica has always identified as an investment, insurance, or retirement planning company.  Today, the firm is making serious strides to put together a package beyond just products and investment solutions.   “In order to be relevant to our client in all stages of life … we’ve got to be focused on lifestyle solutions,” says Dave Paulsen, Chief Distribution Officer.

Transamerica seeks to deliver best-in-breed managers as sub-advisers to their funds. “We went out and found the best-in-class institutional money management, ” Paulsen explains, and in turn, distribution partners know that they can bring Transamerica products to their customers with confidence.

Outside of the investment industry, Paulsen says Transamerica spends a lot a time working with experts to better understand how their customers think, how they behave, and how they can help them throughout their life. Recently, the company even deployed a new Wealth+ Health brand identity, further affirming Transamerica’s pledge to build deeper customer connections.

Across the board, building solid, long-lasting relationships seems to be a common theme for Transamerica. “Ten years ago, when the rest of the industry was turning their back on RIAs, we swam upstream” explains Paulsen on the decision to continue holding advisor coaching events in the midst of the financial crisis. “We know that the advisor community is the backbone of our industry,” and by nurturing great advisor partnerships, Paulsen concludes “we’re putting our business in good hands.”