Three Bell’s Porter Makes The Case For Simplified Access To Alts

Jon Porter, CEO, Three Bell Capital joins Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss his approach to alternative investing, what differentiates Three Bell from other RIAs, and key growth drivers. 

Alternatives are a critical part of true portfolio diversification, says Porter on the firm’s investment philosophy. Located a stones throw from Silicon Valley, Three Bell Capital is a holistic wealth manager specializing in start up founders, executives and their families. 

“What we do at Three Bell is bring that institutional-caliber of portfolio management to individual families,” says Porter. Rather than allocate to individual funds or managers, Three Bell Capital leverages a fund-of-fund approach for providing diversified access to alternative investments in a single vehicle. In 2023, Three Bell Capital plans to open up its fund-of-funds to other advisors and their clients, and aims to simplify investor access to to alternatives.  

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