The ‘Nerd’s Eye View’ Of Financial Planning

Michael Kitces, Director of Financial Planning at Pinnacle Advisory Group, says the company is looking for financial advisors with between $10 million and $100 million under management in need of an outsourcing partner to help grow, or maintain their book of business.

“We got into the business of running an outsourcing service for other advisors by sell our strategy to other advisory firms,” Kitces tells Julie Cooling, RIA Channel’s CEO. In the video, he explains how Pinnacle works with new and established RIAs.

Pinnacle has $1.8 billion under management.

One of Kitces main loves, however, is his Nerd’s Eye View blog, a news and information service for financial planners. He also runs a podcast called Financial Advisors Success.

Kitces, a certified financial planner based in Washington DC, started out as a computer nerd in high school, and then graduated to liberal arts studies at Bates College in Maine, teetering between drama and psychology and working part-timing as an emerging medical technician. He ended up as a life insurance salesman upon graduation. After getting one financial industry designations after the other, he realized he had a passion for the inner workings and fine tunings of financial planning. He’d call himself a financial ‘nerd’.

“At Nerd’s Eye View we talk about planning and management issues for financial advisors,” he says about his website. “We are talking about everything from strategies you can implement with your clients to ways you can change your business to make it run better.”