The Golden Hour: Invesco’s Van Bortel On Winning Anchor Clients Back

Brett Van Bortel, Senior Director Consulting Development & Delivery, Invesco discusses strategies for winning clients back, and maintaining strong advisory businesses.

72.2% of financial professionals lose at least one anchor client per year, Van Bortel explains. An anchor client is a long-term individual who pays a financial advisor what they need to earn on a regular basis. Therefore, anchor clients are important to businesses for the stability of cash flow that they offer. The revenue impact from losing anchor clients can be very problematic.

Anchor clients are predicted to leave when their financial professionals become less attentive or responsive. Van Bortel notes that an advisor’s high performance combined with low communication from a client creates the impression that the client doesn’t want to hear from them. Van Bortel assures that this impression is false, and advisors must take the initiative to maintain continuous communication with clients. The Golden Hour program, created by Invesco Global Consulting Group, is designed to create a plan to regulate communication with clients and therefore cure anchor client loss. 

The Golden Hour program is a regular, disciplined, interactive communication strategy that includes annual client reviews, client check-in calls, and discussion of client concerns. This strategy allows financial advisors to demonstrate personal knowledge, monitor for client changes, and set expectations for follow-up.

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