The Super-Thematic ETF

A Better Bitcoin

At first blush, it sounds genius: put together a super tight knit group of companies that are the biggest and baddest players in some of the newest segments on earth. Fintech. Big data. Drones. Yup, there’s an ETF for that. Andrew Chanin has it.

Chanin is the CEO of PureFunds, a seven year old investing research firm with roughly a billion under management in tactical ETFs. He sat down with the RIA Channel to discuss using ETFs to invest in opportunities in industries that have been traditionally difficult to access. PureFunds is mostly known for their Cyber Security ([stock_quote symbol=”HACK” show=”symbol”]) ETF. It’s up 9.95% this year (better than the S&P 500) and around 13% since inception.

Chanin takes us to the early days of PureFunds, and why they got into this space.  “I realized that there were a lot of areas that people wanted to invest in that were not covered by ETFs yet,” he says. “A lot of the ideas come from our own research. We are looking at what industries are going to be here for the long term and are still emerging growth opportunities that we think are going to change the economy going forward.”

Worth noting, for all the talk about bitcoin’s boom a few weeks back, it’s now down year-to-date ending March 24 while the PureFunds Fintech ([stock_quote symbol=”FINQ” show=”symbol”]) is up over 6%.