SS&C Alps’ Hewitt On The Launch Of Rendezvous

Eric Hewitt, Chief Investment Officer and Head of New Product Development, SS&C Alps Advisors joined Julie Cooling, founder and CEO of RIA Channel to discuss the launch of SS&C Rendezvous and its integration with SS&C Black Diamond Wealth Platform.   

SS&C Rendezvous is a technology platform that provides investment capabilities for RIAs.  Rendezvous is part of the Black Diamond ecosystem, providing for an integrated workflow solution. New capabilities of Rendezvous include proposal generation and model assignments.

Black Diamond has never had a model marketplace, so adding an open architecture model that allows any ETF to be added to the SS&C model portfolios and goals-based models is a key value added from Rendezvous, explains Hewitt. The model portfolios can also be used in conjunction with the rebalancer system.

In addition, Rendezvous includes a proposal generation system that helps advisors prospect for clients and engage in deeper conversations. The system, built largely around advisor feedback, features an AI-driven client risk questionnaire and customized goals-based portfolio recommendations.

While the Rendezvous system is now live, upgrades and features will continue to be added, says Hewitt. Managed account functionality will support direct indexing and tax loss harvesting. 


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SS&C Rendezvous