Seeyond’s Piré On Low Volatility ETF, MVIN

Alex Piré, Head of Client Portfolio Management, Seeyond met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss how investors are utilizing minimum volatility ETF: MVIN.

Seeyond, a European-based active manager, began as an investment unit within Natixis ten years ago. Currently, the $10 Billion Natixis sub-advisor has plans to expand it’s U.S. presence.  MVIN, their international minimum volatility ETF, offers investors a continuation of what “Seeyond has been doing in the institutional space and European markets for a long time,” says Piré.  The actively managed ETF is designed to yield long-term capital appreciation, diversify through international exposure, and significantly lower volatility.  Risk adverse investors, close to retirement, are incorporating the ETF as apart of their core, while “longer-time horizon investors,” are utilizing the ETF as a way to reduce overall risk in their portfolio, explains Piré.

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