Schlegel On Clark Capital’s Institutional Quality UMA Suite For Advisors

Rob Schlegel, SVP, Divisional Sales Manager, Clark Capital Management Group joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel to discuss how advisors can leverage Clark Capital’s Navigator® Total Wealth Strategies to build customized, tax-efficient investment solutions for their high-net-worth clients.

High-net-worth investors have demanding and complex situations, and it is imperative that advisors work to build solutions that are customized to their needs and goals. Clark Capital’s Navigator® Total Wealth Strategies were designed specifically for high-net-worth advisors and their clients. The actively managed suite of UMAs deliver institutional quality investment management and can be built using individual stocks and bonds, while being flexible enough to be easily modified to meet tactical needs and risk management goals. Given that taxes are a key concern of investors, tools are included for tax loss harvesting and the management of individual municipal bonds. 

Clark deploys top-down quantitative models to implement a tactical strategy using SMAs.  The top-down approach is complemented with a fundamental bottom-up approach for researching individual stocks and bonds.  Clark’s client portfolio management team is a resource that advisors evaluate performance, plan quarterly meetings, and build customized client proposals.  


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