Sage’s Komson Silapachai Provides Positive Market Outlook

Sage Advisory Encourages Shortened Duration Investments, Non-U.S. Equities, and Emerging Markets Debt

Komson Silapachai, Vice President of Research and Portfolio Strategy at Sage Advisory, recently spoke with Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Channel, about Sage’s market outlook and what direction they’re steering advisors.

Silapachai said he hears concerns from advisors about market volatility, but Sage’s market outlook remains positive. Relative value between market segments has lead them to believe the market is still in the expansion stage of the cycle.

In particular, Sage sees strong potential in Japanese equities, emerging markets debt, and shortened duration investments such as bank loans. Silapachai also offered insight into the benefits of investing in small cap companies in the U.S., stating that these companies are often insulated from trade concerns.

Sage Advisory is an institutional asset manager with $12.6 billion in assets under management. They are based in Austin, Texas with 49 employees and 18 investment professionals specializing in fixed-income strategies, global equities, and ETF models.