Root Financial Partners’ Conole On Driving Organic Growth

James Conole, Founder, Root Financial Partners joined Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO of RIA Channel to discuss his firm’s approach to organic growth, content creation, and goals-based planning. 

Ranked #22 on RIA Channel’s 2022 Top Wealth Managers By Growth (%) List, Root Financial Partners’ total assets under management grew 212% from 2020 to 2021. The growth has been entirely organic, explains Conole, who founded Root in 2017 and has since built a following of investors through his Ready For Retirement Podcast series and YouTube Channel

Root’s emphasis on content creation has allowed the firm to connect with a nationwide audience of potential clients, tackle commonly faced questions and challenges head on, and ultimately become better advisors.  For RIAs looking to produce their own podcasts or videos, the most important piece to get started is having a “good microphone and place to record,” says Conole who leverages Garage Band to record, Fiverr to outsource the editing work and a combination of Libsyn and Buzzsprout for podcast hosting. 

Focused on serving clients transitioning to retirement, Root Financial Partners offers a comprehensive suite of planning and investment management services. From an investment standpoint, the firm starts with a goal-based approach and works backwards to determine the most suitable investments. The firm’s technology suite includes eMoney for retirement planning,  Holistiplan for tax planning, and Kwanti for investment analysis. 

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RIA Channel Top 50 Wealth Managers By Growth (%)

RIA Channel Top Lists

2022 Top 50 Wealth Managers By Growth (%) List Methodology:

RIA Database ranked the Top 50 Wealth Managers by Growth in Assets on a percentage basis over a one year time frame.

RIA Database has been providing RIA rankings for Forbes and several industry publications, including RIA Channel ( for over ten years. Criteria and requirements for this list include the following:

  1. All firms are active registered investment advisers (RIAs) with the SEC, and have no regulatory, criminal or administrative violations on file per the SEC as of March 31, 2022.
  2. All firms provide wealth management services as their primary business. These services may include financial planning, selection of third party investment managers, portfolio construction services, family office services, comprehensive estate planning, asset allocation services or similar functions to high net worth and/or ultra high net worth individuals.
  3. All qualified wealth managers with $100 million in assets under management or greater were ranked based on percentage of growth over a one year period from assets as reported to the SEC on their Form ADV Part I filing on March 31, 2021 to March 31, 2022.
  4. Broker/dealers, fund managers and hedge fund managers were excluded.