Ron Pond On Confluence’s Research-Driven Investment Approach

Ron W. Pond, CFA, Director of Sales & Business Development, Confluence Investment Management joined Keith Black, RIA Channel to discuss the firm’s fundamental value-driven investment approach.  Confluence Investment Management integrates macroeconomics, geopolitical analysis with company specific research to manage risk and deliver long-term investor value.

Confluence Investment Management is an employee-owned firm that has grown from $1 billion to over $11 billion in the last ten years.  Confluence manages concentrated domestic value equity portfolios, asset allocation portfolios deployed through ETFs, as well as international portfolios.  The firm seeks to buy great companies at great prices.  Geopolitical analysis informs the asset allocation portfolios as well as the country allocations in international portfolios.  The research reports are freely available through email subscription or at the firm’s website as linked below. 


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