Rhind On GraniteShares’ Alternative ETF Offerings

Will Rhind, Founder & CEO, GraniteShares, met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss 2019 trends for commodities and alternatives.

Lately, commodity performance has suffered from a strong dollar, but Rhind believes that could change in 2019.  What looks to be a softening dollar, could lead to a great year for commodities. GraniteShares’ ETFs, PLTM and BAR, provide investors with low-cost access to gold and platinum. “You can actually invest in the spot price of the metals by owning the physical bars,” says Rhind.  For a more broad exposure to commodities, GraniteShares’ offers index-based COMB and COMG.

“Many people are looking for non-traditional sources of income,” says Rhind.  HIPS, an alternative high-income ETF, is designed to serve that purpose. Made up of mostly pass-through securities, HIPS can be used alongside high-yield or as a completion strategy on the fixed-income side.

Since launching the firm in 2016, GraniteShares has gathered more than $300 million in assets under management and launched four ETFs.