ProShares #1 For Dividend Growers ETFs Ranked By Lipper – REGL, SMDV

Seeking Quality & Growth Opportunities

Simeon Hyman, CFA, Head of Investment Strategy at ProShares, discusses his market outlook and optimism for small and mid cap equities in 2017.  With over $28 billion in assets under management, ProShares is one of the largest U.S. ETF providers.

ProShares is a pioneer in dividend grower ETFs, and their flagship ETF, the S&P 500® Dividend Aristocrats ETF ([stock_quote symbol=”NOBL” show=”symbol”]) earned a 5-Star Morningstar Rating™ in November 2016. The ProShares mid cap ETF that tracks the dividend growers in the S&P 400® ([stock_quote symbol=”REGL” show=”symbol”]) and their small cap ETF that tracks the dividend growers in the Russell 2000® Index ([stock_quote symbol=”SMDV” show=”symbol”]) both topped the 2016 Lipper Rankings for performance in their respective categories.

Simeon discusses how these strategies may be used by advisors with other active or passive strategies in a total portfolio allocation. He also discusses potential solutions for an increasing rate environment. The Lipper Rankings are available to view here.