Plancorp’s Peter Lazaroff Writes Debut Book ‘Making Money Simple’

Peter Lazaroff, Co-Chief Investment Officer, of Plancorp met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the upcoming launch of his first book, Making Money Simple. Lazaroff, consistently recognized as a top advisor and educator in the industry, says he wanted to write a book that serves as a “blueprint for turning professional success into financial success.” Through Lazaroff’s own personal stories and academic research, Making Money Simple offers readers clear starting points and easy to follow systems for getting their finances under control. Whether investors choose to go at it on their own or with an advisor, Lazaroff believes that leveraging automation is key.  Accessible technologies like automatic bill pay or savings plans can help eliminate errors and avoid compound interest. “Investing doesn’t have to be that hard,” says Lazaroff. He hopes that Making Money Simple, coming out in April of 2019, will be a great resource to beginners and experienced investors alike.