Parnassus’ Choi On Buying Opportunities For Long Term Investors

Andrew Choi, Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst, Parnassus Investments joins Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss his firm’s approach to finding long-term investment opportunities in today’s volatile markets.  

“We’ve always believed that volatility creates opportunity for longer term investors and we are seeing that opportunity emerge pretty rapidly here.” says Choi of this year’s down market environment. As a high-conviction active manager, Parnassus’ buy and hold strategy seeks quality companies, at attractive valuations, well-positioned to deliver long-term outperformance. Although growth stocks have had a particularly challenging year amidst a backdrop of tightening financial conditions, Choi points to buying opportunities across several tech sectors and durable themes, including cloud computing, AI, semi-conductors, and industrial manufacturing automation. 

For more than three decades, Parnassus has been a leader in sustainable investing. The firm manages roughly $38 billion in assets, with every strategy incorporating ESG criteria. The San Francisco-based active manager aims to build wealth responsibly, through its deeply engrained culture of ESG integration, collaborative research, and high-conviction strategies.

Andrew Choi is a Portfolio Manager of the Parnassus Core Equity Fund and a Senior Research Analyst. Mr. Choi has responsibility for portfolio management for the firm’s Core Equity strategy and firmwide research. Mr. Choi joined Parnassus as a Senior Research Analyst in 2018 after serving as a Parnassus research intern. Prior to joining Parnassus, Mr. Choi worked at Deloitte Consulting as a Business Analyst. Mr. Choi received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Princeton University and his master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. 

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