Oppenheimer Delivers For Revenue Seekers

OppenheimerFunds Enters The ETF Business


David Mazza, Head of Beta Solutions and ETF Specialists at OppenheimerFunds recently sat down with RIA Channel CEO Julie Cooling to discuss their newest ETF offerings and what they are focused on in the burgeoning smart beta investing space. The takeaway: revenue.

“We take all securities in the S&P 500 and weight them not by market cap, but by revenues,” he says. “It avoids some of the biases that a price-focus can bring, such as over-valuation or momentum driven stock picking,” he says. Mazza thinks that by focusing more on revenue, investors can find more attractively valued stocks.

Oppenheimer recently entered the ETF business. They now have around $2 billion in assets under management in seven ETFs with a smart beta focus. Mazza talks about his funds, including his two biggest ones, the Small Cap Revenue Fund (RWJ) and Ultra Dividend Revenue (RDIV). He also gives product hungry advisors a sense of what OppenheimerFunds has up their sleeves regarding smart beta ETFs in the months ahead.