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Single Factor-Based ETFs Offer Building Blocks For Advisors

Sharon French, Head of Beta Solutions for OppenheimerFunds leads the strategy, development and implementation of the OppenheimerFunds ETF solutions, and oversees the OppenheimerFunds Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts. French sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO at RIA Channel to discuss their recently launched, factor-based, ETF line-up.

Oppenheimer entered the ETF arena after acquiring RevenueShares in December 2015. Revenue-based ETFs weight holdings based on the revenue of its holdings versus traditional capitalization-weighted ETFs. Oppenheimer now offers ten different revenue-based ETFs. As advisors continue to seek “building block” solutions to control exposure, risk and to appropriately manage portfolios based on targeted client goals, Oppenheimer has met that demand with newly launched factor-based ETFs. With six, single-factor ETFs targeting 1) momentum, 2) value, 3) low-volatility, 4) size, 5) quality and 6)yield, advisors are able to construct their own custom ETF portfolios.  Oppenheimer also launched two dynamic, multi-factor ETFs that reallocate based on which factors may be more favorable given where we are in a certain economic cycle:

French says supporting advisors with portfolio construction assistance, tools and ETF model management is key to helping them meet their client goals. Oppenheimer has committed a large team within their client services group specifically focused on this effort. To learn more, visit