Oaktree’s Poli On Credit Market Trends And Opportunities

Danielle Poli, Co-Portfolio Manager, Oaktree Diversified Income Fund, Brookfield Oaktree Wealth Solutions joined Keith Black, Managing Director, RIA Channel to discuss the state of the credit market and opportunities for investors in 2023. 

The convergence of macroeconomic themes like inflation, monetary tightening and geopolitical risk has led to a lot of volatility in the credit markets. That volatility, coupled with yield potential, has created a lot of opportunity for investors, explains Poli. In today’s rapidly shifting market environment, Poli emphasizes the importance of diversification, risk control, and staying nimble with a multi-strategy credit approach. 

Oaktree invests across the capital structure offers a diversified mix of global investment strategies covering credit, private equity, real assets and listed equities. Oaktree emphasizes an opportunistic, value-oriented and risk-controlled approach to investing in these asset classes.

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Ms. Poli is a managing director and co-portfolio manager of a product within the Global Credit strategy. Since joining Oaktree in 2014, Ms. Poli has led the expansion of the firm’s multi-asset credit offerings, including its flagship Global Credit strategy for which she is a senior specialist and member of the Investment Committee. In addition, Ms. Poli oversees Oaktree’s product management activities globally across Credit, Private Equity, Real Assets and Listed Equities, in her role as Head of the Product Specialist Group. Prior to joining Oaktree, Ms. Poli earned her M.B.A. at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where she was the recipient of the Laurence and Lori Fink Investment Management Fellowship and an intern at Oaktree in 2013. Prior experience includes four years at PAAMCO KKR Prisma (formerly PAAMCO) where Ms. Poli helped manage hedge fund portfolios for institutional clients. Ms. Poli holds a B.S. degree in business administration from the University of Southern California and is a CAIA charterholder.