Northern Trust’s Swaney On The State Of Fixed Income

Thomas Swaney, Chief Investment Officer, Global Fixed Income, Northern Trust Asset Management joined Keith Black, Managing Director, RIA Channel to discuss the state of the fixed income market. 

After a tumultuous year in both equity and fixed income markets, Swaney is optimistic that 2023 could bring back a sense of normalcy for fixed income investors. Investing in high quality fixed income assets with duration integrity is critical during uncertain markets, explains Swaney. Assuming the Fed is able to curve inflation, Swaney expects risky assets with intermediate term duration to perform well over the next six to twelve months, driving both diversification benefits and income.

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Thomas Swaney is executive vice president and chief investment officer – global fixed income. In this role, he has overall oversight responsibility for Northern Trust Asset Management’s fixed income platform, business and portfolio management, which includes setting the overarching strategy, process and approach.

With more than 25 years of investment management experience, Thomas is a highly skilled fixed income investor with a proven track record and strong background in credit, risk management and derivatives. In this role, he chairs the NTAM Fixed Income Strategy Committee, a group that formulates the fixed income platform’s strategic macroeconomic and investment themes that, in turn, inform overall strategy, risk budgeting and portfolio construction across all fixed income portfolios. Thomas is also a member of the Investment Policy Committee, which guides strategic and tactical asset allocation for Northern Trust portfolios, and he serves on NTAM’s Executive Group.

Prior to joining Northern Trust Asset Management, Thomas served in senior roles at several global financial firms, including as co-founder and managing partner with Lantern Harbor Investment Partners, a Boston-based institutional fixed income investment firm. He also held senior portfolio management and executive roles at Amundi Asset Management, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, OFI Global Asset Management, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and Ellington Management Group.

He earned an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University and a master’s in finance at Indiana University.