Newton On The RegentAtlantic Wall Street Women Forum

Jane P. Newton, Managing Partner & Wealth Advisor, RegentAtlantic met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss her initiative, The RegentAtlantic Wall Street Women Forum. Newton came to RegentAtlantic 13 years ago, with a background in Wall Street. Drawing from her own experiences, she decided to create a community where high-level Wall Street women can come together and share personal and professional challenges. Founded in 2010, The RegentAtlantic Wall Street Women Forum holds a number of events each year and brings together over 700 women. “There’s an assumption that we on Wall Street know exactly what we’re doing with our personal finances,” says Newton. Even with access to so much information, many of these women experience difficulty balancing their time and applying what is relevant to their own situation. The two biggest questions Newton helps women on Wall Street answer is “What am I missing” and “What’s possible for me and my family?” “It’s not transactional,” explains Newton on her relationship with her clients. As an advisor, Newton aims to build long term trust and to provide real solutions for her clients. RegentAtlantic is a $3.7 billion wealth and planning firm, based in New York and New Jersey.