New York Life Investments Talks Impact Of Geopolitical Risk On Portfolios

Robert Wojehowski, Director at New York Life Investments, John Sitilides, Principal, Trilogy Advisors, and Lauren Goodwin, CFA, Director of Portfolio Strategy, New York Life Investments discuss how international tensions may impact investor portfolios. 

While the US and Europe have been the center of global power for quite some time, new powers and alliances are becoming evident since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Investors would be well served to understand how political developments in China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia may affect the investment landscape.  Control of traditional and new energy commodities may reshape trade and markets, especially in Europe.  

WebcastThe New Multi-Polar World of Great Power Rivalries.

As Russia’s war against Ukraine persists, Beijing has succeeded in restoring relationships not only with Moscow, but also with arch-rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran. The partnership between Xi and Putin is expanding across multiple domains, and Middle Eastern independence from waning American power is increasingly assertive. Dramatic policies to transform global energy markets and promote non-dollar commerce worldwide are becoming more deeply embedded in many capitals. In Europe, national leaders seek to close long-term energy security gaps and foster increased trade with China, as Washington grapples with the reality of a post-globalization, multi-polar world marked by great power rivalries with China and Russia.

Given these events, monitoring geopolitical risks and international exposure has never been more important—especially when attempting to maintain a resilient portfolio. At New York Life Investments, we are built on a legacy of managing volatility. Therefore, we have partnered with John Sitilides, diplomacy consultant to the U.S. Department of State and geopolitical strategist at Trilogy Advisors, to help you better understand what these geopolitical shifts mean for your clients’ portfolios.

Discussion topics:

  • The global impacts of Russia’s continued war on Ukraine
  • Regional commercial and security effects of tightening relations between China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran
  • The future of European Union cohesion in the balance between NATO security needs and enlarged China trade relations

Accepted for 1 CFP® / IWI / CFA CE Credit

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