NEOS Invesetments’ Cates On Beating Inflation, Options and Income

Troy Cates, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of NEOS Investments and Bruce K. Lee, Founder & CEO of Keebeck Wealth Management join Keith Black, Managing Director, RIA Channel to discuss tax-efficient income strategies for 2023 and beyond. Cates highlights NEOS’ options-based investment approach designed to generate strong monthly income while protecting investors from inflation.

WEBCAST: Income, Inflation, and Interest Rates – Know Your Options.

Income seeking investors are likely in an ongoing battle with interest rate volatility and inflationary pressures. Advisors may be struggling to find investments that allow clients to seek reliable income while maintaining purchasing power.

Nevertheless, there are strategies that go beyond traditional income-oriented investments that may be less sensitive to current inflationary pressures and interest rate volatility across the yield curve.

NEOS Investments and RIA Channel will highlight tax-efficient, monthly income strategies that could help financial advisors enhance their clients’ core asset allocations and potentially address many issues top of mind for investors.

Topics will include:

  • Positioning client portfolios for success in 2023
  • A suite of ETFs that aim to offer high monthly income & tax efficiency
  • Practice management tips from a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor

Accepted for 1 CFP®/IWI/CFA CE Credit.