Morgan Creek Capital’s Yusko On The Digital Gold Rush

Mark W. Yusko, CIO & CEO, Morgan Creek Capital Management met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel at the 2018 Digital Asset Strategies Summit (DASS) to discuss investment opportunities in the digital gold rush.

Fifteen years ago,  Morgan Creek Capital, “was a traditional investment advisor helping traditional families and institutions get comfortable with alternative investments,” says Yusko.  Today, the firm seeks to expose Morgan Creek Digital Assets to the same traditional client base.  The entity houses three diverse products, a venture capital fund aimed at the “picks and shovels” of crypto, a Digital Asset Index fund, which is designed specifically for institutions and a lending partnership.

Obviously optimistic about the space, Yusko explains, “people forget volatility is normal for new technology.” Making the argument that crypto volatility is nearing an all-time low since inception, Yusko believes we are setting up for “another bull market.”

As a digital assets early-adopter with an institutional background, Morgan Creek Capital hopes to bridge the gap between the two investing worlds.