MJP Wealth Advisors’ Vendig On Portfolio Construction Considerations

Brian Vendig, President of MJP Wealth Advisors, joined Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Channel, at the CAIS Alternative Investment Summit to discuss considerations for portfolio construction.

Vendig describes MJP Wealth Advisors as providing a version of a family office service.  With over $1 billion in AUM, the firm offers clients services for life cycle investing, integrating both traditional and alternative investments into portfolios.

Investors have a short-term mindset, so investors are still concerned about stock and bond drawdowns in 2022, as well as the volatility and policy uncertainty that caused those drawdowns.  MJP Wealth Advisors design portfolios around attributes clients care about, such as fees, diversification, taxes, or income needs. 

Portfolio construction is implemented using both top-down and bottom-up factors.  Top-down macro considerations include interest rates, inflation, and currency movements, while the bottom-up view focuses on fundamentals, such as earnings for equities and different points on the yield curve in fixed income.

Investors have a demand to be educated on alternative investments and how those investments can be used to reduce volatility and hedge inflation.  MJP Wealth Advisors is working with CAIS to provide broader access to alternative investment opportunities for their clients.


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