Meeder’s O’Toole On Investing Across Client Life Cycles

Dan O’Toole, Senior Vice President, Head of Advisor Consulting, Meeder Investment Management, joined Keith Black, Managing Director of RIA Channel, to discuss investing across the phases of each client’s life cycle. 

It is critical for advisors to have strategies suited for all three phases of the investment life cycle: accumulation, preservation, and distribution.  Clients have different needs at each phase of the life cycle, such as the importance of target withdrawal and income strategies during the distribution phase. While older generations are typically more concerned about risk, taxes, estate planning, and cash flow management, investors from younger generations are seeking to accumulate wealth, but are not always actively involved after setting up an investment strategy.

Meeder has implemented actively managed and tactical asset allocation strategies to help advisors adapt to the current market environment while focusing on each client’s unique risk and return goals.  The firm also builds customized and personalized solutions through separately managed accounts in their private wealth management program. 

Many advisors have a relationship with the older generation who accumulated the wealth, but are less connected to younger generations, explains O’Toole. It is becoming increasingly important to build relationships with younger generations, as up to $100 trillion is expected to transfer across up to five generations over the next 30 years.


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