Maier On Global X ETF Models

Jon Maier, SVP, Chief Investment Officer, Global X met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss thematic investments as apart of a long term strategy.

Since joining Global X about a year ago, Maier has launched eight portfolio models, ranging from risk-based to thematic. Disruptive technology-type ETFs make up roughly a third of the firm’s assets. “It’s at the core of several of our portfolios,” says Maier on thematic investments.

While today’s markets present concerns over trade wars, cost of goods, and rising rates, Maier places emphasis on the long term view. “Things that are changing the paradigm, like AI & Robotics, Fintech, and Automous vehicles are going to exist … even in a bad quarter or year,” explains Maier.

Since 2008, Global X has launched over 50 funds and presently manages $7.5 billion in assets.