m+ funds Aims To Deliver Defined Outcomes To Advisors

Steve Houston, Partner, m+ funds met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to share the firm’s approach to defined outcome investing and how advisors can use the funds to enhance their existing portfolios.

The m+ funds give advisors the ability to customize their views on specific ETFs. “We consider ourselves like a tool box,” explains Houston. Built completely around advisor input, m+ delivers specialized growth, balance, and capital preservation oriented funds based on the ETF holdings.

“Defined outcome investing has been around for a while,” says Houston on structured notes and index annuities. However, as as a registered 40 Act Funds, m+ offers a format that is easy to understand and can be used in both a fee-based and brokerage structure. Additionally, the funds provides daily NAV, liquidity, and a relatively low fee paradigm.

To Learn more on this topic, watch the replay of their recent webcast, “Defined Outcome Funds – investments designed to align ETF returns to your market views” or head to mplusfunds.com.