Lido’s Hixson On RIA M&A

Brad Hixson, Executive Vice President, Lido Advisors sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss his firm’s M&A growth strategy and differentiated client offerings. Lido Advisors is a comprehensive wealth management firm based in Los Angeles, California. Lido manages more $5 billion in assets and serves clients nationally. Ranked #46 on RIA Channel’s Top 100 ETF Power Users List, Lido provides a wide range of wealth services including legacy, financial planning, charitable giving, asset allocation and overall portfolio construction. On the investment management side, Lido sources and conducts due diligence on an elite group of portfolio managers and private fund operators. Incorporating a variety of alternative investments, from real estate to hedge funds, as well as tactical and core strategies, the firm aims to deliver a truly non correlated and diversified portfolio based on a quantified level of risk and return. In 2019, the firm made several targeted acquisitions, cementing Lido as one of the largest and fastest growing RIAs in the United States. After merging with Kern Stern & Associates and acquiring Coliseum Wealth and the Marton Bute Wealth Management Group, Lido extended their reach to the East Coast, South East and added over $1 billion in assets to their book of business. Lido’s aggressive inorganic growth strategy aims to provide its clients a nationally scaled operation, a deepened level of service and broader investment management access. Hixson says the firm’s success has been driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, as well as their clients. For more information visit: