LibertyFi: A Technical Resource For Advisors Looking To Scale

Alli Jordan, Chief Operations Officer & Trey Ruch, Chief Executive Officer, LibertyFi met with Julie Cooling, Found & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss how advisors are leveraging technology to scale their businesses. LibertyFi, a middle-office consulting firm, partners primarily with small to mid-sized RIAs looking to grow inorganically. Harnessing their expertise of the Envestnet platform, the LibertyFi team offers a full gamut of transition, training, configuration, and support services. “We truly listen to the advisors and try to understand how they are running their businesses,” says Jordan on the 6-8 month Envestnet adoption process. Acting as a technical and strategic resource, LibertyFi empowers advisors to put their focus on growth. To learn more on this topic, head here.