JP Morgan Drives Growth Via Portfolio Construction Services For Advisors

Portfolio Insights For Financial Advisors

J.P. Morgan’s Portfolio Service: A Look Into Their ‘Secret Sauce’

Every investment firm has their own proprietary models for investing, their own secret sauce if you will. J.P. Morgan’s portfolio insights team is designed to give investment advisors a glimpse not into J.P. Morgan’s individual mutual funds and models, but into better, smarter portfolio construction…J.P. Morgan-style. For advisors who like the way this classic investment bank thinks about markets, then their Portfolio Investment Service might be a nice recipe for an advisor practice’s own secret sauce.

Stephen Kaplan, head of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Portfolio Insights Service spoke with the RIA Channel about their product agnostic, educational service for advisory firms. He describes it as sort of a sanity check for the independent advisor. “They want to know if all the biases they think they have in the portfolio are actually going on. Are there other risks or opportunities that they might be missing that may help enhance the overall portfolio?” he says about why advisors use the service.

Portfolio Insights Service helps financial advisors build stronger portfolios through customized analysis, the company says.

The Model Portfolio Analysis is powered by Hibiscus, JPMs proprietary portfolio construction and risk management tool that was previously used exclusively by its portfolio management teams. The platform generates a comprehensive, comparative view of composition, performance, and risk data for mutual funds, separately managed accounts and ETFs, giving financial advisors access to customized, user-friendly reports tailored for their client needs.