John Lesser On Plante Moran’s Client-Centric Approach


John Lesser, President, Plante Moran Financial Advisors joined Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss what makes a top advisor, and how Plante Moran has built an internationally recognized firm with a client-centric approach. 

Plante Moran is ranked #9 on RIA Channel’s 2021 Top Wealth Manager’s List. Plante Moran is a holistic advisor, and offers a wide range of wealth management services and expertise. “We connect the dots between income taxes, estate taxes, liquidity and leverage, investment portfolio, as well as financial independence and really focus on the personal balance sheet,” says Lesser on being a well-rounded financial planner. 

“We earn our fees during the most difficult markets and difficult legislations,” explains Lesser on the adjustments the firm made during the Covid pandemic.

Lesser emphasized the importance of communication and devotion to the financial plan, when managing client emotions and behaviors during challenging times. On the investment side, Lesser points to opportunities in the rotation between U.S. growth and value stocks, and internationally from a valuation perspective. Plante Moran also incorporates exposure to a diversified private markets strategy in order to generate alpha and create a more balanced portfolio.

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