Janus Henderson’s Lovell On Disruptive Forces In Global Life Sciences

Ethan Lovell, Portfolio Manager, Janus Henderson Investors met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO of RIA Channel to discuss how the firm identifies disruptive forces within their global life sciences strategy.

“One of the biggest things we’re looking for is innovation and disruption,” says Lovell, regarding their Global Life Sciences Fund.  The fund seeks investments in the form of new approaches to treatment, increased healthcare access, or improved efficiencies in the healthcare system. One example of the disruption-focused strategy, is a one-shot gene therapy, thought to considerably extend the life of an infant with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  Although it’s still early in the process, Lovell says, “there is tremendous value in being able to deliver this kind of therapy.”

The senior professionals behind the global life sciences strategy are required to have a background in both science and business, explains Lovell.  He stresses that the combination of commercial and scientific knowledge is a large part of grasping fundamental research and identifying new opportunities.

Meeting with key opinion leaders and getting in at an early stage of the treatment, “is a way in which we achieve a lot of alpha,” suggests Lovell.  Although the pharmaceutical industry is notoriously difficult on “new therapy development,” Lovell believes that precision forecasting will lead to tremendous upside.

The Global Life Sciences Fund (JFNIX), currently has nearly $4 billion in assets. The fund aims to identify opportunities beyond the U.S market, and to ultimately “crack” access to the healthcare industry, globally.