Jack Murphy, Levin Capital Making The Argument For Active

Making The Argument For Active, Large Cap Core Investing

Jack Murphy, Portfolio Manager, Levin Capital sat down with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel, to discuss his strategy as a sub-adviser to the Transamerica Large Cap Value Fund which now has over $2.3 billion in assets. Murphy has been a portfolio manager with Levin for over 20 years, and attributes the strategy’s success to his team of experienced analysts and focused investment discipline. The strategy is an active, contrarian, bottom-up stock selection process that identifies catalysts that may propel the stock price over the next nine, twelve or eighteen months. His analysts rely on fundamental stock research. With only 36 or 27 stocks, the Fund is concentrated, and has been successful despite market cycles. The average market capitalization of any single stock in the Fund is $128 billion, and as such the Fund serves as a core large cap value allocation for advisor portfolios. Murphy makes the argument for active management within this style, and emphasizes his goal of capital preservation in any market environment.